Exclusive Chauffeur Driven 1930's "Traction Avant" Classic French Limousines For Weddings

Whilst it depends on your direction of travel you will ultimately head towards Redditch seeking out Astwood Bank where you will find that we reside just on the edge of Astwood Bank and Cookhill.

The easiest way to find us is to head just out of Astwood Bank on the A441 towards Evesham and once you have passed a pub called the 'Why Not Inn' on your left hand side you will need to start to slow down looking for veterinary sign on the right hand side called 'McGettigans'.

At this point indicate right and after 30 yards turn in to a private drive which runs beside a modern looking Georgian property and older Victorian porperty called Brackenhurst. Please head down to end at which point three houses will be visible and 'Tanglewood', which is our property, will sit to the left just behind a large pool in the front garden.

If you go past the 'Why Not Inn' and find yourself at the 'Nevil Arms' which is approximately half a mile afterwards then you have gone far too far. Please turn around and retrace your steps... If in doubt please call us on 01527 894599.

We look forward to seeing you.